App Billing In Emerging Markets – Why Geo-targeting Your App Pricing Makes A World Of Difference

Many developers rightfully focus their attention on the dominant app markets which represent the bulk of today’s potential customers. However, a very large new audience of mobile customers is coming online as handheld internet devices quickly become the portal of choice for many emerging economies including some of the most densely populated regions of the world. Providing your billing in the native language and currency of each potential customer is a key aspect of generating sales that is unfortunately overlooked by many aspiring new app studios.

According to India Telecom Regulator; the world’s second-biggest mobile phone market saw a .8% monthly increase in mobile phone subscribers in February – equivalent to 7.4 million new users during the month. About 912 million people in India had a mobile subscription at the end of February. English is not the native language of many, and converting currency from Dollars or Euros to their native money is a distraction in the middle of any purchase sales pitch that developers would be wise to avoid.

Imagine shopping in a store, walking up to the cash register and trying to buy the items from a sales associate who does not speak your language, demands payment in a currency you have never used before and seems completely disinterested in your customs. Now imagine that same scenario in a store that exists in your own home town. There is no excuse for overlooking the simplest ways to afford your potential customers the comfort of their own regional idiosyncrasies.

Going global with your App Billing options is not just some kind of good samaritan stance on mobile processing, it is a proven method of improving sales ratios and can make a world of difference for the bottom line results of any app developer. provides powerful tools and fully automated systems capable of instantly transforming your purchase options into the native language, currency and style of each person who considers buying your product or service.


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