App Billing Is All About Options

When the mobile market first exploded onto the scene with Smart Phones, iTunes and the Android Marketplace the billing aspects of the app revolution were fairly simple. Apps were sold on a price per acquisition basis with customers making small payments of a few dollars for permanent full access ownership to the software they purchased. […]

Cross-Platform Software Presents Unique Billing Challenges

As an increasing number of new platforms are developed and commercially distributed, developers are pursuing the rapidly growing market for cross-platform products. The always on user experience requires software to be flexible enough to operate on whatever device the user is presently connected with, and billing systems must be equally versatile. Whether a gamer is […]

App Billing In Emerging Markets – Why Geo-targeting Your App Pricing Makes A World Of Difference

Many developers rightfully focus their attention on the dominant app markets which represent the bulk of today’s potential customers. However, a very large new audience of mobile customers is coming online as handheld internet devices quickly become the portal of choice for many emerging economies including some of the most densely populated regions of the world. Providing your billing in the native language and currency of each potential customer is a key aspect of generating sales that is unfortunately overlooked by many aspiring new app studios.

Upsell Opportunities on Free Apps Represent Greater Market Than Paid App Pricing

A recent market report from the technology analyst firm Screen Digest predicts “in-app” upsell purchases will soon rise to become the majority of all sales from the mobile app market world wide. Citing recent data, the firm expects in-app sales to generate 64% of all app revenue by 2015, a significant jump up from the 39% of 2011 and a trend toward ‘free to buy with paid upgrades’ apps as the predominant business model in mobile software development…