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  • AT&T Teams With Facebook To Expand Mobile App Billing Opportunities

    An amazing audience of more than 488 million users worldwide now access Facebook via their mobile devices each month. That’s why AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T) is making the move to partner with Facebook to cohost a ‘hackathon event’ on May 4th 5th at the AT&T Foundry development center in Palo Alto, California.

  • Mobile Device Of The Future Visualized By Mozilla

    Codenamed Sea Bird, Mozilla has recently released an exciting new YouTube video that depicts the next generation of abilities likely to become available on your mobile devices.

  • Free Sports Illustrated Swimsuit App Generates Six Figure Revenue

    The popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition recently was re-imagined by publishers as a mobile app and the initial debate internally centered around the proper price point. Eventually the decision was made to offer the base application for free and charge a $1.99 upgrade price for a premium version with more content and viewing options.

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App Billing Is All About Options


When the mobile market first exploded onto the scene with Smart Phones, iTunes and the Android Marketplace the billing aspects of the app revolution were fairly simple. Apps were sold on a price per acquisition basis with customers making small payments of a few dollars for permanent full access ownership to the software they purchased. […]

Cross-Platform Software Presents Unique Billing Challenges


As an increasing number of new platforms are developed and commercially distributed, developers are pursuing the rapidly growing market for cross-platform products. The always on user experience requires software to be flexible enough to operate on whatever device the user is presently connected with, and billing systems must be equally versatile. Whether a gamer is […]