Mobile Device Of The Future Visualized By Mozilla

Codenamed Sea Bird, Mozilla has recently released an exciting new YouTube video which you can watch here: that depicts the next generation of abilities likely to become available on your mobile devices.

Everything from a haptic clickable dongle that detaches from the back of the phone and serves double-duty as a bluetooth earpiece to a fully functional keyboard projection application that finally solves the problem of trying to text on keys only millimeters apart from one another is included in the visually stunning presentation. The video is also backed by a mesmerizing Submarines song appropriately titled Modern Inventions which repeats a chorus that simply states the obvious – “From Here We Move On.”

It would appear to insiders that the rest of the tech industry is finally overcoming the shock and awe of recent Apple products and once again beginning to innovate on their own rather than play catch up with the innovative designs that routinely reach the market from Apple first.

Samsung recently released their next device and surprised everyone with a new eye tracking feature that prevents the phone from shutting off so long as the user is looking at it. Now Mozilla has impressed everyone with several seemingly plausible new features that early adopters can expect to see in the coming months as handheld devices continue to evolve.

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