Cross-Platform Software Presents Unique Billing Challenges

As an increasing number of new platforms are developed and commercially distributed, developers are pursuing the rapidly growing market for cross-platform products. The always on user experience requires software to be flexible enough to operate on whatever device the user is presently connected with, and billing systems must be equally versatile.

Whether a gamer is using a third-party plug in via their iPhone to enhance the experience of an XBOX title, or a business person is taking ideas from the conference room to the taxi on a mobile version of their office collaboration software, the breadth cross-platform computing is staggering in scope and profit potential.

While traditional platform based billing makes sense for some carriers, consoles and commercial outlets, App Billing is an essential element of any application based billing infrastructure. continues to invest in innovation and has a number of proprietary solutions designed to take the guess-work out of monetizing your cross-platform products or services.

Mobile devices, tablet versions, third-party enhancements to desktop products – when it comes time to establish your presence as a membership based business, upsell option, recurring micro-payment recipient or one-time-biller with the simplest ease of use and highest level of data security, has the answers.

Contact our expert billing representatives today for a free consultation and to get started on the creation of a robust billing system capable of processing payments from customers across a wide latitude of their favorite devices.

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